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Window Operation

Please read below for everything you need to know about window operation...

Outward Opening Hinged Windows

Handles: Handles have a push button catch and a key lock.

To Open: Unlock with key, push the button, turn and push to open window.

To Close: Close window, turn handle and key lock.

Note: Ventilation is provided by engaging the window catches in the outer slot of the keeps fitted to the frame. Lock handle as suggested, but the window is not as secure as when fully closed and locked.


Tilt and Turn Windows

Handles: When closed, handles will be vertical with the pointed end down. Insert key to unlock.

Tilt position: For ventilation, turn handle 90 degrees only and gently pull the top of the window back into the rest position. The handle can be locked in this position for overall safety. Reverse to close. With larger frames, push both sides of window in at the same time.

Turn position: The complete window hinges inwards from the side. From closed position, turn handle so pointed end is up. Gently pull window inwards as required. Reverse to close.


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